MG Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., a Star Export house, importing dampers for LHB coaches has now diversified in the field of Railway signaling and Telecommunication & have experts having vast experience in signaling and telecommunication systems.

We have achieved a high degree of excellence in design, manufacturing, supplying, installation. testing and commissioning of Railway Signaling Systems comprising of Panel Interlocking, Route Relay Interlocking, Multi Aspect Color Light Signaling etc. The complex circuit design for the system is carried out on computer aided system. The turnkey jobs involved in designing the system are carried out on computer aided systems. The turnkey jobs involve design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, and installation, testing and commissioning works. The engineers are well competent and proficient to carry out the design of Railway Signaling systems.

The materials are duly inspected by Railway Design and Standards Organization of Indian Railways (RDSO). Apart from the conventional relay based systems, we also supply Solid State Interlocking (SSI) systems. SSI supplied by us is working satisfactorily in the high density routes and have excellent track record of safety.

We have now developed expertise in following areas :

  • Relay interlocking /panel interlocking
  • Electronic interlocking
  • Axle counters/AFTC
  • Level Crossing
  • Automatic block signaling
  • Remote control & train management
  • Automatic block signaling
  • Remote control & train management
  • Automatic train control
  • Predictive maintenance of signaling equipments
  • Optical fiber cable (OFC)
  • Mobile train radio communication
  • Passenger information systems




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