MG worldwide Pvt. Ltd. is an International Medical Services Suppliers; we are a leading Drugs and Vaccines provider representing some of the world’s renowned medical and pharmaceutical companies.

To work with dedication and unwavering integrity and help our clients accelerate delivery of safe and efficient services.

To be good stewards of our company and communicate resources and embrace the    responsibilities of a good corporate citizen in the communities where we operate.

Our Supply range

Oxytetracycline Water mixable powder Antibiotic powders
Intrauterine bolus containing chlorotetracyclne Concentrated anti anaemic injectable solution Sulpha drug
Injectable solution containing gentamycine, sulphanomide Anthehelmintics Vitamins & minerals – Solutions
Procain penicillinG suspension Disinfectant & Acaricide Anthehelmintics powder & solution
Furazolodone  powder Poultry vaccines Indigestion powder
Necrospray Ointments Trypanocidal drug
Broadspecturum antibcterial oral powder Hormones Zinc oxide ointment emolient
Injectable solution containing sulphadimedine Veterinary equipment Ehctamole ointment
Necrospray Atropin sulphate Anti inflammatory agent
Acaricides Hormones Sheep pox vaccine
Anti Rabies Bovine PPD Ditto- Avian PPD Ditto