Oilseeds form another major area of MG Worldwide’ dealing. These tiny white seeds are rich in nutrition, proteins and carbohydrates. They are extensively used for oil, confectionaries and as flavour enhancers to various dishes. Oilseeds are bought on basis of their purity. India has the distinction of supplying the best 99.9% purity produce for natural and hulled quality of Oilseeds.

• We can offer Oilseeds from Indian & Ethiopian origin. Ethiopian seasame seeds are of 2 varieties -Humera & Wellega

• Indian Oilseeds-Purity from 95 -99%, Oil content 48%

• Humera-Whitish Humera Oilseeds machined cleaned, oil content min 49 pct

• Wellega- Wellega type Oilseeds machined cleaned, oil content min 52 pct. The quality of MG Worldwide’s Oilseeds meets the high standards set by our clients with the result that demand for our varieties of the seeds is on the rise.

Packaging: Packing -50kg PP bags or as per the customer requirement.