We are a leading company based in New Delhi engaged in trading of Hospital Furniture & Medical Equipments. Over the years, we have spread our operations to exporting, importing and trading of Medical Equipments, Surgical and Hospital Requisites, etc. As one of the fastest growing companies in this sector we have understood each and every requirement of hospitals in terms of furniture and equipment requirement.

Dental X-ray
Analytic balance Anaesthetic machine ICU bed
Dental X-ray film processor
Binocular microscope Defibrillator Baby cot
Mobile X -ray unit
Blood bank refrigerator ECG Monitor Trolley, general purpose
Mobile X -ray unit with Image intensifier
Blood cell counter, Electrical Laryngoscope Trolley, instrument
X-ray safe light
Calorimeter Oxygen regulator Trolley, dressing
Ultra sound unit(general)
Centrifuge Vital Signs Monitor Infusion stand
X-ray viewer(single screen)
Glucose analyzer Resuscitation bag, adult ECG Monitor
X-ray viewer(double screen)
Haemoglobinometer, electronic Resuscitation bag, infant Infant radiant warmer
Cassettee pass- box
Weighing scale adult Autoclave Infusion pump
Film marker
HIV screening machine/ Test kits Electrosurgical unit Syringe pump
General X-ray Unit
Hot air oven Operating theatre lamp,ceiling mounted. Refrigerator, general
Automatic Film Processor
Bilirubin meter Instrument cabinet Patient monitor
Manual Film Processor
Incubator, laboratory Instrument table (MAYO) Spotlight
HDU Kerosene Stove Operating theatre lamp, mobile Mobile X -ray unit
Bed PH meter Operating theatre table, major Defibrillator
Baby cot Trip Balance Spot light Suction machine, electric
Trolley, general purpose Vaccine transport box Surgeon’s stool Ventilator, adult
Trolley, instrument Water bath Surgeon foot step Ventilator, infant
Trolley, dressing Water de-ionizer Vacuum Plant Patient trolley
Infusion stand Water distiller Caesaerian section set CSSD
Suction machine, electric Glass ware set, Laboratory Pulse oximeter Autoclave, large
Patient trolley Hand tally counter Refrigerator Instrument Cabinet
Slide warmer Sterilizing drum(see annex) Ultrasonic Washer
Mixer General set(see annex) Instrument Shelves
Digital count pen Patient trolley Instrument drying cabinet
Neuberchamber Instrument trolleys Instrument sets (assorted)
Autoclave Suction machine, electric Sterilizing drums (assorted)
Myomectomy(see annex)
Stretcher with IV pole Distiller Eye Chart E-type Pneumatic ear speculum
Examination couch  metal/wooden Fridge, Pharmacetical Eye chart Tuning fork
Examination lamp, mobile Balance, precision Ophthalmoscope set Noise Box
Infusion stand Balance, heavy duty Eye tonometer Ear Syringe
Infant weighing scale Motor & pestle Corneal trephine Head light
Emergency lamp Tablet counter Focimeter 240 ENT Diagnostic Set
Screen bed Weighing scale(electronic) Perimeter Audiometer, diagnostic
Spot light Drug cabinet Eye loupe ENT Treatment Chair
Tape measure Counting trays Trial Lens Brondoscope, adult
Weighing scale adult Dispensing stools Indirect Opthalmoscope Brondoscope, paed
Wheel chair adult Fire extinguisher Eye examination microscope with tonometer Telespectomy set, adult
Eye operation microscope
Diagnostic set Minor Theatre Telespectomy set, paed
Operating table, simple Cataract set
Sphygmomanometer Oephagoscope
Trolley, instrument Lid surgery set
X-Ray viewer Otoscope
Trolley, dressing Operating stool
Thermometer clinical Tonsilectomy
Sphygmomanometer Spotlight
Stethoscope BP machine
Examination couch  metal/wooden Retinoscope
Percussion Hammer Stethoscope
Screen bed Slit Lamp
Fetoscope Sterilising drum
Stethoscope Plant operating ophthamology
Stethoscope, baby Portable lamp
Spot light ICCE set
Suction machine, electrical Cellman hooks
ECCE + 11 set
Lockable Cabinet Laryngeal mirror
Fire extinguisher Cautery machine
Oxygen Set Troucher and canulla
ENT Table
Jobson horn probe
Nasal speculum
Curing bath
Amalgamator Examination couch  metal/wooden Commode chair
Model trimmer
Dental chair unit Examination lamp, mobile Cool box
High speed grinder
Suction machine Infusion stand Electric cookers
Model drier
X – ray viewer Emergency lamp Examination couch  metal/wooden
Dental flask
Dental instrument cabinet Refrigerator, pharmaceutical Examination lamp, mobile
Dental clamp
Dental examination mirror Screen bed Infusion stand
Crown flask with clamp
Examination probes Spot light Infant weighing scale
Wax knife
Explorers Tape measure Emergency lamp
Polishing lathe
Ultrasonic scalar Trolley instrument(assorted) Refrigerator
Orthodontic plier(set)see annex
Dental autoclave Trolley, dressing Screen bed
Dental extraction forceps(assorted) -see annex Trolley, gas cylinder Spot light
Dental Articulator
Dental Compressor(50litres) Trolley, general purpose Tape measure
Work bench
Hand pieces, 4holes, high speed Trolley,Emergency Trolley instrument(assorted)
Pin dexing
Condensers Trolley, linen Trolley, dressing
Curvers Suspension motor/micromotor with stand
Trolley, medicine/drug Trolley, oxygen gas cylinder
Excavators Heating furnace
Trolley, patient, stretcher Trolley, general purpose
Burnishers Spirit lamp
Wall clock Trolley, linen
Minor Theatre Hydroflask/pressure pot
Wheel chair adult Trolley, medicine/drug
Operating table, simple Programmed porcelain machine
Diagnostic set Trolley, patient, stretcher
Trolley, instrument Plaster knife
Manual suction machine Wall clock
Trolley, dressing Bench press
Sphygmomanometer, Weighing scale adult with height measuring
Sphygmomanometer Dewaxing machine
Thermometer clinical Wheel chair adult
Examination couch  metal/wooden Hot air syringe
Stethoscope Hollow ware set, ward (Assorted)
Screen bed Fret saw
Percussion Hammer Diagnostic set
Stethoscope Sand plaster
Fetoscope Manual suction machine
Spot light Wire cutter
Stethoscope, baby Sphygmomanometer
Lecron cover
ORTHOPAEDIC TECHNOLOGY Suction machine, electrical Thermometer clinical
Air compressor
Work bench Ambu bag, adult Stethoscope
Casting machine
Examination couch Ambu bag, pediatrics Percussion Hammer
Rubber mixing bowl
Electric leather sewing machine Defibrillator Stethoscope, baby
Mixing spatula
Parallel bar ECG Monitor Suction machine, electrical
Electric oven Laryngoscope Oxygen set
Electric cast cutter KITCHEN Oxygen regulator with flow meter Electric kettle
Limb Vice Cooking pot Airways,assorted sizes Bed craddle
Jig saw Cold room Mouth gags Electric heater(wall mounted)
Arc welding machine Potato Peeler Intubation tubes, assorted sizes Dressing pack
Column drill with quick chuck Chest tubes
Gas cooker LAUNDRY
Heat gun Nebulisers
Weighing machine Washer extractor
Grinding machine Cervical collars
Food trolley Drier
Vacuum laminating machine Thomas Splints
Meat mincer Ironer
Air compressor Underwater seal drainage
Lactometer Linen cupboard
Shoe stretcher Autoclaving Drums
Flasks Linen trolley
Prosthetic kit Oxygen concentrators
Tea Urn
Orthotic kit Resuscitation trays
Refrigerator -domestic
Engineer’s vice X ray Viewers
Drilling machine Enema Set
Spoke shave Pedal Pins
Bending iron
Stainless Steel trays
Router machine
Gastric lavage set
PVA sealing iron
Pulse oximeter