Signalling System Overview Computer Based Interlocking Continuous Automatic Train Control

Automatic Train Protection (ATP)

Automatic Train Supervision (ATS)

Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

Automatic Train Operation (ATO) Automatic control of Train running from station to station. Control of dwell time and performance. Automatic Train Supervision

(ATS) Automatic Route setting Automatic Train Regulation Continuous Tracking of train position Mimic Panel & Workstation interface.

Automatic Train Protection (ATP) Cab Signalling. Track

Related Speed Profile generation. Continuous monitoring of braking curve. Monitoring of maximum permitted speed. Detection of over-speed. Maintaining safety distance between trains. Monitoring oMonitoring of Direction of Travel and Rollback. f stopping point. Releasing doors on the correct side of the platform when train comes to a stop.


• Communications Based In-Cab Signalling

• With Automatic Train Protection (ATP)

• Upgradeable to Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

• Not: Dark Territory Safeworking